My New Album, Coastal, will release December 8th, 2020

My new album, Coastal, is finally finished! It will be available digitally on December 8th, 2020. This is been a long journey, but a fun one! I am already ready to start writing more stuff… Actually, I already have some things in the works. I want to give a shout out to all the people who played on my album. It would not have sounded so great without so many amazing musicians. Both from the United States and Cuba.


Elisa Winter: Cello, Vocals
Kristen Michelle Wilson: Vocals (Only.)
Lindiana Murphy: Vocals (Walls.)
Stephen Cox: Bass (Submerged – Co-write)
Jerome Giancola: Bass, Mixing and Mastering
Royce Richardson Jr: Guitars (Only. and Water. – Co write)
Rosii Del Valle: Flute (Baila)
Kervin Barreto: Trumpet (Walls. – Horn Arrangement)
Carlos Perrote Miyares: Congas (Walls.)
Liana Ofelia Garces Gago: Violins (Walls.)
Miguel Angel “Wiwi” Garcia Fernandez: Vocals (Eyla.)
Gabriel Oramas Martinez: Piano (Walls.)
Eduardo Duharte: Batá (Eyla.)
Tonadas Trinitarias (Of Trinidad Cuba): Vocals (Río.)
Michel Prana: Manager of Tonadas Trinitarias
Victor: Videographer in Trinidad
Zach Reynolds: Vocals (Eyla. and Only.)
Jonathan Fleming: Vocals (Walls.)
Miles Mabros: Vocals (Walls.)
Yamilka Cabrera: Vocals (Hopeful.)
Raúl Daniel Arabi Recio-Oquendo: Engineer for various tracking sessions at Estudios Ballari in Old Havana, Cuba
Yaser León Díaz: Assistant Engineer at Estudios Ballari
Chaz Chambers: Drums, Guitars, Vocals, Synth, Production

You can now easily preorder the album on Bandcamp.

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