Last two months of the Ringling Bros tour, new drum videos, and gearing up for Nashville!

The final two months of the Ringling Bros farewell tour are in session, and the ending is becoming a bit more of a reality. I found a nice place to rent in Nashville and I will even have room to record drums, practice, teach, compose and produce. I have recently upgraded a few of my recording tools to prepare for the transition. I recently bought a new Focusrite Clarett 8preX and a pair of Yamaha HS8s.



As soon as the show ends after May 7th, I plan to drive immediately from Providence, RI to Nashville, TN. I will move all my stuff and get settled for a couple days. Then I plan on taking the rest of May off work.. I will be visiting family, getting some dental work done, and even taking a 10 day backpacking trip through part of the Appalachian trail. I also feel like the last part of May is a great time to temporarily pause interacting on social media. I got a small taste of minimal social media in Cuba. Since they do not have much internet, I was mostly forced to keep my phone in my pocket. I gotta say… It was amazing!


I recently released a couple of drum videos on my youtube channel. These videos are of the Ringling Brothers “Circus Xtreme” Show. I plan to release more over the next few weeks, so definitely subscribe to my channel for the quickest updates. Here are the newest videos and stay tuned for more blog updates, videos and maybe some other surprises…


Aerial Display:


Trampoline to BMX transition:


Special thanks to my endorsements throughout this tour so far, Vic Firth and Westone. They have been extremely supportive and have given me all of the tools to make my job much easier. I also want to thank the companies that I do not officially endorse, but have started a great relationship and I anticipate will lead to endorsement. Those companies are Yamaha Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo and Roland.


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