La Habana, Cuba, New EP, Ringling Bros is closing and I’m moving to Nashville.

This is my first blog post in well over a year, and 2017 seems like a good year to start em’ back up. The new year has played out to be an *interesting year so far. January 2nd-8th, I was able to travel to La Habana, Cuba. What an amazing experience! The cuban culture is out of this world and I was fortunate to study more about afro-cuban music with some amazing musicians. I chose to experience Cuba in a more local perspective versus a hotel/resort. So, I ended up staying in a Casa Particular (AirBnB) in Centro Habana (the heart and center of the local people) and with local professional musicians as my hosts. Needless to say, this trip was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. The cuban people are so kind and friendly, and it is an absolutely beautiful place. I highly recommend you go!













The Ringling tour started back up in Orlando, FL the 2nd week of January. The first Saturday of shows included a company wide meeting with Feld Entertainment (Ringling owners) announcing the closing of both Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus units. We were all very shocked and saddened of this news. (This isn’t fresh news by now.) As soon as we were told in the meeting, the press was also “dropped” all over the country. (You can read more about the closing at Kenneth Feld made a more specific statement) Almost immediately after the closing announcement, we began selling out shows in Florida. That has been pretty awesome.. Over 10,000 people at most shows and the sound crew told me the audience’s volume is ringing in the arenas at over 100dB. The last Circus Xtreme show will be on May 7th in Providence, R.I. Ringling has no doubt been one of the best decisions and coolest experiences in my professional career.


I love waking up most Mondays and being confined to another inspirational train run to the next city. I am confident my career will continue to progress upwards from here. Though, there will never be another unique experience like the Greatest Show on Earth.





After the last Ringling Brothers red unit show on May 7th, I will be immediately relocating to Nashville, TN. Music City has been on my mind for many years. After living in Atlanta, Denver and San Diego, as well as traveling most of the United States, Nashville is definitely the best place to continue progressing my music career. When I arrive in Nashville I will have a drum studio set up to record drum tracks remotely as well as assisting the production of upcoming and established artists. I will be working unilaterally as a session/touring drummer, composing, producing and marketing.



In other news, I released my new EP “Apatheia” on January 20th, 2017. It is available all over the internet: Spotify, iTunes/Apple music and more. You can also download for free or donation @

Here are a couple of promo videos for “Apatheia”


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