Definiteness of Purpose – What are we doing?

I keep learning new things and I love it.


All of these new things seem to remind me of the wise thoughts presented many years ago by the famous entrepreneur, Andrew Carnegie. His phrase Definiteness of Purpose always struck a beautiful chord in my mind. When I first read about definiteness of purpose, my initial thought was simple and quick… DRUMS! Over time, my thoughts ran a little deeper… In a broader sense, maybe it’s just music?  In the beginning, I didn’t really have a clear vision for the purpose. Over the last few years, I’ve learned that my life isn’t just about the music or drumming. It is more about inspiring people and keeping positivity alive in everything we do.

I believe that finding purpose and developing our pathway starts with a basic idea of what we want to do and be. The first thing we should ask ourselves: do my goals and dreams help to impact the world and its people in a positive way? This is a very important question and we should be honest with ourselves when asking it. Our motivations can determine the ultimate success(es) we attain in life. If we (unknowingly) chase negativity or become bound up with bad things, our “worlds” will just keep taking us on a circular journey of uncertainty. These negative magnets can be subliminal or even superficial… Toxic relationships, bad work environments, and abusive households are just a few examples. We have to find the negativity in our lives, stop justifying and eliminate it. Otherwise, if we find the ways to continuously chase our goals and desires in a positive way, I believe we will discover our real purpose(s) in life.

In conclusion, I am so very thankful to my parents. They said to me as a child, “you can do and be anything you want in this life.” I had no idea at the time what they were talking about or the level of difficulty that this statement could bare. The positivity from my family (my world) ultimately set a precedent of how I would and still approach my entire life. Without the hope that comes with positivity, we are lost. I know there are sunny skies through the clouds. We just have to be brave and travel through to the other side.


Take a leap, be positive and move towards the best chapter of your life.





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