Music and Travel VLOG

I have been absolutely terrible at updating my BLOG, but that all changes now… As some of you have know I have been very busy building my cultural travel agencies and over the last few years.

With Havana Music Tours we have been operating music themed cultural tours to Cuba for nearly 3 years now. I started this company shortly after Ringling Bros ending in May 2017. It has been a rocky road with all of the US sanctions and regulations, but we have stayed resilient and have been very successful in connecting Americans with Cubans. The most successful tour is Havana Jazz Plaza, the annual Jazz Fest in Cuba. This is probably the best music event of the year in Cuba and it seems like all of the most famous artists play. As for drummers… Last year (2019) I saw Dave Weckl play with Ruy L√≥pez Nussa! One of the coolest drum performances I have ever seen!

Anyways, I recently expanded two different sectors of my music, traveling and entrepreneurial activities. Musical Getaways and my Music and Travel VLOG.

Musical Getaways is now sort of the “Mother Agency” to Havana Music Tours and the basic idea is to expand similarly themed cultural tours around the world… We are opening tours in places like Brazil, Colombia, Iceland, Scotland, Senegal, Morocco and musical festivals around the world. Feel free to follow the website and social media platforms, We will be updating our Colombia, Iceland, and Scotland tours really soon.

My Music and Travel VLOG as been active over the last month. It features an array of different musical experiences while traveling as well as just general travel tips. If you would like, you can follow along at